My Father-in-law Forced Me To Undress Infront Of Him To Check Whether I Had been Circumcised

Ann(not her real name)has Painfully narrated how her father-in-law humiliated her infront of her mother-in-law after her husband died of cancer. He forced her to undress infront of them to check wheather she was circumcised. He told her he can’t live with Uncircumcised woman in his homestead.

Ann was born by a single mother who later died when she was in class 4.Her grandmother took her in,unfortunately she died 3 years later.She went to live with her uncle but didn’t accept her claiming that her mother had died of HIV.All her aunties didn’t accept her too.


One of the neighbours took her in where he employed her at his home.They treated her so well such that she became like one of their own.while there she met a man and after consulting her foster parents, they allowed her to get married and gave her their blessings.

The mother inlaw told her to endure whatever will happen in that home.when the father inlaw who was working in another town visited ,he asked his son wheather his wife was circumcised. The husband told Ann they had to relocate to town but didn’t disclose whatever had happened.


After staying for a few months he explained to her what had happened. They were blessed with 3 children in their marriage.Her husband started falling sick and after some test were conducted it was confirmed that he had cancer of the liver.

Friends helped him to pay for the surgery but after 4 days he died. Since the disease had made her to sell almost everything she decided to go back in the village since she was unable to pay rent. She started doing manual jobs around.One day the father inlaw visited.

He called her in his house one night and told her to undress so that he can check whether she was circumcised since her husband didn’t answer him that question. Her mother inlaw couldn’t speak since he was harsh and sometimes he could beat her.

Ge had a machete beside him ,she undressed and checked her.He told the mother inlaw to give him a razor but she went into hiding.He was angry and locked the door outside and went to the nearby shop to buy a razor. The mother inlaw went back and opened the door and told her to run away.

A lady helped her with clothes the following day.Her mother inlaw left that home in that night for her safety. She is currently being hosted by a couple but still fears for her life.The man said that there is nothing she can do to him.

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