How to prevent a girl that’s crazy about you from cheating – Lady lectures men

A young lady has gone online to lecture men on how to ensure that their girlfriend sees no reason to cheat on them with other men.

She explained the importance of men pampering their girlfriends with money because it will also favour them in the long run.

According to the pretty lady, irrespective of the extent a girl loves a man, if he does not give her money, she will end up cheating.

”No matter how much she loves you, if you don’t give her money she must cheat on you”, she said.

Read some comments below..

official_candy_nations; Make she go work na

bobby_yung_m; Cheat na na yourself yu Dey do… as far as eynn Dey collect him portion.. Notin spoil

lody_bee; she’s not lying o

richbilly01; If you like cheat is not my business

sensitiveocho; The society has lost values because of women like this, who raised y’all? They failed woefully.

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