“I almost quit athletics, the officials were always picking who they wanted in the team -Tobi Amusan

Tobi Amusan, the Nigerian sprinter, who set a new world record in the women’s 100 meters hurdlesin the World Athletic Championship has taken out time to share her past and how some officials made her look like it is impossible to become a champion.

In the reports shared by Punch News, Tobi Amusan said a lot of things that got people’s attention. In her account, she said “It was a lot of pressure on a young athlete. I considered quitting. I really wanted to travel with the senior national team and some coaches told me to try the hurdles.”

Tobi Amusan said she has been in the game for many years now but she could not get to travel with the senior national team for competitions, she said the coaches and officials are always picking who they wanted for that event.

Tobi Amusan said she was not an hurdler but since she was not picked as part of the Relay team, some of the coaches has to advise her to try the hurdles. With great effort and dedications, she got herself a title in the African games.

Tobi Amusan said she had so many devastating moment and horrible experiences while aiming to get a medal for herself and to make the country proud.

However, Tobi Amusan said “the typical Nigerian approach is to make you feel like you cannot make it,” but with hardwork and consistency, Tobi Amusan became the first Nigeria female to win a hold medal and the first woman to finish a 100m hurdle race within 12.12 seconds.

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