5 Reasons Libya Was A Great Place To Live In Under Gaddafi


Libya is the Fourth Largest Country in Africa Located in the Northern part of Africa sharing borders with Egypt, Sudan, Chad, Algeria, Tunisia and Niger with a total land mass of about 700,000 sq mi. The Country which has been in crisis since 2011 due to the death of its Leader of 42 years Muammar Gaddafi who was killed due to the arrival of the Arab springs.

Many would agree that life under the Autocratic ruling of Muammar Gaddafi was far better than what Libyans are forced to endure right now even though there was no democratic system and citizens were not given a chance to vote, the abundant dividends and high standard of living given to Libyans during that time was enough compensation for these short comings. The luxurious life enjoyed under the ruling of Libyans during the time of the Great African Iconic Leader cannot be replicated under any Democratic system of Government.

1.     Debt

It is well known that Libya is blessed with abundant natural resources which was made use of in its full under the government of Gaddafi and Libya made sure it had no outstanding external debt and still had over $160 billion in its reserves which is more than we can say for some of the giants of the world of democracy which still owe a lot of debts such as the USA with over $17 trillion in debts



2.     Education and Healthcare

Gaddafi made sure that as long as you are a citizen of Libya you get access to free Education and healthcare at any point in time since it is a common saying that health is wealth and education is the key. Some people might claim the standards of the health and education were not so good but they can’t dispute the fact that it was free and for all citizens.

3.     Price of Petrol

Like I said before Gaddafi made sure he used the natural resources of the country and made sure it reflected, seeing as Libya’s major natural resource is its petroleum it is only natural that its prices will be low and definitely that was the case with petroleum being sold at $0.14 per litre making it rank at the third position of countries with the least price of petrol.

4.     Homes

Gaddafi’s bible of political philosophy was the Green book and it is expressly stated in it that “The house is a basic need of both the individual and the family, therefore should not be owned by others” therefore under Gaddafi’s rule having a home in Libya as a citizen was considered a human right.



5.     New couple Grants

A sum of $50,000 was given to every newly wedded couple in Libyan to enable them get their first apartment and start up their family event though the process might have been considered as tedious it was there for every Libyan citizen and new couple.

The question now should be is Muammar Gaddafi truly the devil he has been painted out to be by other governments or perhaps one of the Best leaders the continent of Africa has ever seen

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