5 Male Celebrities Whose Wives Are Far More Older Than Them, See The Age Difference

What a numerous people acknowledge is that concerning marriage, the most genuine thing is for the life partner to be more settled than the spouse. This is in light of the fact that the life partner is seen as the highest point of the house, and he ought to be more prepared to be in charge and have the choice to expect risk.

There are male huge names who have in like manner exhibited that age is just a number concerning marriage. They got hitched to additional carefully prepared women and find been living as one and congruity.

We ought to research a part of these enormous names who are more young than their companions.

1. Mike Edwards

Past Big Brother Naija housemate, Mike Edwards, got hitched to a more prepared woman, Perri Shakes Drayton, in 2019. Both of them had a genuine association for two or three months before they got it done. Perri Shakes, who is a British surrendered olympic style sports contender, is a 33-year-old individual, while Mike is a 30-year-old individual.

2. Hugh Jackman



Hugh Michael Jackman is a notable Australian performer. He is notable for his occupation as Wolverine/Logan in the X-Men film series.

Hugh Jackman is hitched to Deborah Lee. Deborah Lee is 13 years more prepared than Hugh Jackman.

3. Darey Art-Alade



Darey is a notable Nigerian entertainer, lyricist and a performing artiste.

Darey Art-Alade and his soul mate, Deola Ayeni, have exhibited that age is just a number as they have probably been hitched for over 12 years. His soul mate, Deola Ayeni, is 8 years more settled than him.

4. Gerard Piqué



Gerard Piqué is a Spanish master footballer. Gerard Piqué plays as a defend for Barcelona. He is hitched to notable craftsman, Shakira.

Shakira is 45, while Gerard Piqué is 35. That is a 10-year opening.

5. Peter Okoye



Renowned Nigerian singer, Peter Okoye, generally called Mr P, is hitched to Lola Omotayo. Both of them got the pack on the thirteenth of November 2013.

Lola Omotayo is 7 years more prepared than Peter Okoye.

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