Beyoncé ‘running #MeToo checks on producers and artists for her album after one of her former collaborators was arrested on sexual assault charges’


Beyoncé has reportedly been running checks on producers and artists working on her upcoming album Renaissance, after one of her former collaborators was charged with rape.

The singer, 40, whose long-awaited new release will drop later this month, has allegedly rejected two songs from artists that have faced accusations of abuse and harassment.

It comes after Detail, who worked on Beyoncé’s 2013 hit Drunk In Love, was arrested in August 2020 after being charged with 15 counts of sexual assault. He since denied the claims.




A source told The Sun: ‘Beyonce was devastated when she found out Detail, one of her collaborators, was accused of rape and sexual assault.

‘She stopped working with him and her team now run #MeToo checks on any potential collaborators. Two songs from high-profile artists have been rejected because of alleg­ations they are facing.

‘Although neither has been found guilty, she’s sending a clear message to the industry in the wake of troubling cases from people like R Kelly and Harvey Weinstein.’

The source added that while her decision has ‘rubbed people up the wrong way,’ she ‘doesn’t care’ because she ‘wants to set an example that any abuse shouldn’t be normalised.’

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