Old photo book showing Tinubu at Chicago University surfaces

The All Progressives Congress, APC presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu has been shrouded in controversy regarding his educational qualifications, one of which being his claim to have attended and graduated from Chicago State University.

Amid speculations and accusations that there is no record of him at the institution, an old photo book which features an image of Tinubu has surfaced on social media.

US-based Nigerian professor and columnist, Farooq Kperogi said he reached out to a colleague at Chicago State University to verify from the Registrar whether the former governor of Lagos state graduated from the school, and the person shared the school’s response.

The photo book came in black and white vintage and had images of graduating students which included that of Tinubu.

But one part of the photo which raised fresh questions is that Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s full name was written as Bola A. Thubv.

Reacting, @DoubleEph said; I don’t think it’s ever been in doubt that he went to this school. It’s University of Chicago that there’s no evidence he ever attended. He claimed both.

@Mekwe1; Good day Prof. Kindly ask your friend to ask the Registrar to also release the pre-admission documents with which he was used to be admitted into the school. Nigerians want to know the details of his pre university documents (birth certificate, origin, waec/GCE etc) Regards.

@The_Sicillian; What credentials did he use to apply for the admissions at the school? Did they verify his credentials back home as most schools do? They should also have records of that.

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