Deep Down In My Heart, I Want APC To Win”—Deji Adeyanju Says, Gives Reason

The human rights activist, Convener and Prisoner of Conscience, has taken to social media to speak his mind about the upcoming general election, pointing out that he wants the All Progressive Congress to win.


Deji Adeyanju stated from the bottom of his heart that he needs APC to win for a reason. According to him, the experience gotten from the rulership of APC over the years is enough for people to know who to vote for without being told. Deji noted that if the ruling party comes out victorious again, it will teach everyone a lesson.

Speaking through his official Twitter handle, he said, “Deep down in my heart, I want APC to win so that Nigerians can have sense.” Since people have refused to listen to all our shouting and screaming over the years, I believe APC will eventually teach everyone sense.”


He posted the message recently on his official Twitter handle, and it sparked some reactions from Nigerians. Some people noted that Deji was a supporter of Tinubu right from the beginning, but he pretended not to be in support of the party. Others agreed, pointing out that it will be difficult for Nigerians to learn from their past mistakes.

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