Check out what people noticed after this guy posted a picture showing what he uses to keep warm

We all know that winter has approached and this year has been one of the coldest in south Africa, with even floods affecting the KZN and them Left stranded and have no place they could call home, one could only imagine what they must be going through.

Speaking of coldness many people have different ways to keep warm, the most common one is getting a heater and then sitting around the fire, but what happens when you can’t afford a heater or you not allowed to start a fire in your apartment building, but you need to keep warm.

This guy found a good way but has recently been seeking for donations to buy a water bottle to keep warm, he claim it is cold in Cape Town and the are floods, but before people could help him ,some couldn’t help but notice how ashy his legs were and this caused a stir on social media.


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