Primary school with four pupils advertises headteacher job with N2.5m salary

A primary school in Scotland got the internet buzzing after advertising a job vacancy for a Headteacher with a juicy take home pay.

Foula Primary School, in an advertorial on its website said the headteacher would earn N31.8m per annum which is around N2.5m per month.

The more interesting part of the school located on Shetland Island is that it has only four pupils who will be taken care of by the tutor when employed.

Additionally, the headteacher that would be selected, is also going to get a housing offer of three bedrooms.

The job advert reads: “Are you a headteacher or aspiring headteacher looking for an exciting new challenge? Do you dream of being part of a friendly, dynamic island community with a slower pace of life?”

“We have a once in a lifetime opportunity for an enthusiastic Head Teacher to work in Foula. Foula lies approximately 16 miles west of mainland Shetland. With an area of 4.9 sq. mi, it is the seventh largest and most westerly of the Shetland Islands.

With a permanent population of just 28 people, Foula is a welcoming community where you can create an idyllic island home. A rented three bedroomed house is made available to the Head Teacher.”


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