Home GOSSIP Jealous Woman Buries Lady’s Passport And Visa With In-Law’s Dead Body

Jealous Woman Buries Lady’s Passport And Visa With In-Law’s Dead Body

A lady living in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region called Naomi Agyemang has expressed her disgruntlement with her passport and visa being buried alongside a corpse.

According to Ghbase, Naomi stated that her aunt Georgina moved her to Switzerland with the task of caring for her niece and nephew.

She claims that she worked really hard while in Switzerland, which adversely affected her spinal cord in the process, as it isn’t functioning properly at the moment.

“My Aunty Georgina sent me to Switzerland to take care of her child she said the Switzerland government will pay me, but I worked for a year without pay.” Naomi shared on Oyerepa Afutuo.

When we got to Switzerland, there were three workers in her house but my Aunty stopped them for me to work alone claiming I would get more pay from the government but the pay never arrived.” She stated.

Naomi furthered that when she came back to Ghana for a vacation, she gave Maa Rita her passport because she had previously used it.

When it was time for her to make her trip back to Switzerland, she went to get her passport only to be informed that Georgina’s mother-in-law had buried it.

“I came back to Ghana for holidays, and gave my passport to Maa Rita. When I went for the passport, she (Maa Rita) told me they have buried it with Georgina’s in-law”.  Naomi told Auntie Naa host of the show.


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