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Stop Helping Poor People Who Can’t Feed Their Kids, You Are Only Encouraging Them To Give Birth To More – Reno Omokri Says

Reno Omokri who was the presidential aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan noted on his Twitter account that people should quit justifying their assistance to such men.

According to him, such men must suffer in order for others to learn from their mistakes and prevent having children they cannot support.

Reno Omokri intimated that such men need to experience agony in order to deter others from having children they can’t take care of.

”Stop justifying giving help to a poor man because he has a wife and many kids. Let him suffer! Such a man needs to suffer, so that other people see him suffer and learn not to have kids they can’t cater for. Or we will have MORE of such in society, if you help them

“If you keep helping men for the sole reason that they are poor and have many kids, their mentality will be: born as you like, God will use people to help you train them. Your ‘kindness’ feeds that mentality, and creates a population explosion leading to insecurity!”


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