Wife sits on husband’s moving car after catching him with side chic in traffic (Video)

A dramatic scene played out recently in traffic when a woman allegedly caught her husband with another woman believed to be his side chic.

She spotted both of them inside his vehicle in ongoing traffic and tried to confront her cheating hubby.

The wife then sat on the bonnet of his car as he was driving because it seems he refused to open the doors and wanted to zoom off.

Watch the video HERE

Reacting, iamkingdinero1; 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Mumu man #Busted

pretty_gloria16; Ain’t most men tired of this flirting of a thing

wisdomcounsellin; Is it really too hard to be faithful??? Just asking Respectfully

annys_affordables; She’s just embarrassing herself sitting on the bonnet , the guy self no respect her cause normally wife na wife

olabisiomolagbeke; Let her seat down there, she will kill herself and the side chic will move in to replace her, meshew 😀

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