“I am addicted to my husband beating me, i fall sick when he doesn’t beat me”- Married woman confesses

A Ghanaian wife has turned to social media for assistance with a strange scenario and condition in her marital house.

According to her in a post, she married the best and most attractive man she could find. She confessed in her article that she sometimes becomes wet at the mere sight and touch of her husband because of his handsomeness.

She said, however, that things quickly changed and turned around after she was slapped by her husband for misbehaving.

She claims she hasn’t been loved since then and only feels okay when her spouse doesn’t beat her.

The unnamed wife claimed that she craves beatings and must do something nefarious to enrage her husband, but that if he refuses to beat her, she becomes ill and ends up in the hospital.

She wrote that she believes there is something wrong with her and that she requires assistance.

Check out her blog article below.

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