Boxing legend Mike Tyson ‘beats up a fellow passenger’ on flight

Former heavyweight world champion Mike Tyson allegedly beat up a fellow passenger on a flight out of San Francisco last night.

Footage obtained by TMZ shows a passenger sitting behind Tyson and attempting to talk to him. The outlet claims Tyson, 55, was initially happy to talk to the man and pose for a selfie before the pair began to argue.

Tyson, who made his ring comeback against Roy Jones Jr in 2020, reportedly told the man to leave him alone. When he wouldn’t, the footage appears to show Tyson repeatedly landing blows on the man who was left with blood on the right hand side of his face.
Mike Tyson allegedly punched a fellow passenger

Tyson reportedly walked off the flight – which was bound for Florida – while his alleged victim received medical attention before reporting the incident to the police. Neither Tyson nor the police have commented on the alleged incident.

A source close to Tyson alleged to TMZ that his alleged victim was “extremely intoxicated” and was repeatedly provoked the retired fighter. Tyson, who was the undisputed heavyweight world champion in his prime, last fought competitively in 2005 but returned in an exhibition against Jones Jr. The bout was not declared a draw after six rounds.

Both men continue to tease an exhibition bout, however, with Paul saying recently: “I joke with my friends about it, I’m like I’ll start eating Krispy Kreme doughnuts, move up to heavyweight and fight Mike Tyson. That would actually excite me and that’s a $200-300million event.

“So Mike, if you’re watching this let’s have some fun. New school vs old school and I think that’s something that the fans would want to see.”


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