CHRISLAND SCHOOL: Here’s how Nigerians are reacting to suspension of 10-year-old scholar on social media

Chrisland School, a privately owned educational institution in Lagos, State, Nigeria, is making the headlines for the wrong reasons.

On Sunday, April 17, Nigerian music executive, Ubi Franklin, exposed a disturbing s3xual molestation saga involving a minor in the school.

According to the Made Men Music Group co-founder, his friend’s daughter was molested and recorded and the video has since been shared across various social media platforms.

In a series of tweets, Ubi mentioned that the young lady was selected to represent her school in a competition in Dubai. However, she was allegedly assaulted by her fellow students.

Disclosing the name of the school during the early hours of Monday, April 18, Ubi wrote:

”2:20 Am. Just left my friend’s residence, you will weep if you see my friend and his Wife. How can Chrisland school do this? Did it take you a month to tell her parents? Sent her a suspension letter after her family started raging. This is cruel and disgusting”

Hours later, a letter obtained by Ripples Nigeria documents the school formally notifying the parents of the young girl of her suspension; for allegedly joining ”a few other co-learners to carry out the immoral act after the lights out instruction was given”.

the school claimed that the girl joined other students of Chrisland School to play a game of ‘truth or dare’; which led to her being gang-r*ped by the minors.

Moments after the suspension letter debuted, social media users are sharing their opinion pertaining to the controversial suspension of the young lady.

Chrisland has emerged as the top trending topic on the microblogging site, Twitter. Below is a cross-section of comments from netizens.


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