Skit Maker, Cute Abiola’s Marriage Sets to Hit the Rock as Wife Shares His Chats with Sidechicks and Nollywood Actresses

Reports reaching us have alleged that all is not well in the camp of popular comedian, Cute Abiola and his wife.

Gistlovers wrote,

“TALES OF DODOMAYANA ABIOLA TO PE ARA EH NI CUTEEEE: Hello tueh tueh 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️things Dey happen oooo.

Information reaching our headquarters is that all is not well with Comedian ABIOLA’s marriage, eye witness who witness the matter talk say in front of staffs say Biola collect him wife phone and seize am hence the lady has not been online,

E no shock me at all oo because nor be new thing for that their industry, infact Fathia balogun Na the oga of this table, to Dey knack small small pikin Na that one work, back to our gist ooo, naso oga take seize the phone oo because evidence boku for the phone,

fortunately when Aunty Biodun ask Biola say shey him machine him Dey work , Biola sent it to a friend say make them see this Aunty agbaya ooo but later go back go meet the Aunty, that friend wey him send am to send am to another friend to another friend, naso the thing take reach Vawulence headquarters ooo.

Biola is said to carry woman pass Bae u sef, according to our source Bae u Dey learn work, say almost 90 percent of all the girls him Dey feature him Dey first feature them for bed first, him favorite spot Na Pelican hotel for chevron and dmatel for agungi , Na there he Dey carry those girls go,

The girl confided in a friend naso that one share am with another friend, fiam matter don reach headquarters, he is also said to be in a serious knacking relationship with this kissie pearl girl that she calls her mum and him Dey lodge that one for hotel well well, the eye witness also narrates that out of anger Biolas wife accused him of always going to Omorbortys”


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