We have chanced upon photos of a man of the match award given to a player.

According to the photo, this guy who played exceptionally in a match that was played got fresh yoghurt and bread as his man of the match award.

The photo has really garnered some reactions from social media users after going viral as many people are wondering what the play will do with such an award.

Check out the photo below;


Some reactions the photo got are;

@edemtornyie1 – Sponsorship is key to developing the sporting industry

@manofsteel1711 – Like leave me make I go home like that erh 😭😂

@stephen_nizu – Yes that shows’ that if they had good sponsors they would give more

@rashid_mumuni – In future When he tells his children that he won man of the match in his playing days, And they ask him to show the award, he will show them a 30yr bread or he will tell them he ate it. Aww Africa.

@emcs_channel – I guess food is better than Chale wote. So we go take am like that

@rich_mondwealth – MOTM: kids I won the man of the match 30 years ago and the game was very strong but I was the best
Children : so daddy why can’t we find any of your trophy anywhere
MOTM: back then in Ghana when ur team is in relegation you eat you trophy no matter how big the game is