Natural Ways Of Removing Stains From Your Teeth

The build-up of food around the tooth enamel for a long period causes brown stains on the teeth. Apart from that, drinking saltwater for a prolonged period may cause brown stains on the teeth.

These stains are always difficult to remove and may take a lot of time to completely remove them from the teeth. However, in this piece am going to share with you four simple natural methods that you can use to completely remove these brown stains easily.


1. Avoid the following bad habits


Some lifestyle habits, such as smoking, have a significant impact on tooth discoloration. The best course of action is to abstain from smoking altogether or at least cut back on how much you smoke daily. To prevent tooth decay, wash your teeth promptly after smoking.


Stains can also be caused by other habits, such as chewing miraa, not brushing your teeth, smoking, and drinking too much dark cola or red wine.

2. Always brush your teeth after every meal


After eating or drinking food particles always get stuck in between our teeth and if not removed they could be broken down by bacteria thus causing browning effects. Experts always advise us to brush our teeth every day and after every meal. This will ensure that the food particle is removed from the teeth thus reducing the chances of having brown stains.

3. Use a lemon before brushing your teeth

Citric acid, found in lemons, is a bleaching agent. The only thing you need to do is cut the lemon in half and remove the juice. In the next step, you’ll need to spit out the juice you just gargled for a minute. Two to three times is a good rule of thumb.


Makes it easier to eliminate stains with the help of lemon juice’s bleaching properties. Brush your teeth at the end of this procedure to eliminate any remaining lemon juice residue from your mouth.

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