Babatunde Gbadamosi’s Wife Kicks Him Out Of Amen Estate For Impregnating Side Chic [DETAILS]

Nigerian politician and real estate developer Babatunde Gbadamosi popularly known as the owner of Amen estate, has reportedly being kicked out of his home by his wife, Sade whom he co-runs the business with, for impregnating a side chic based in the UK.

Things fell apart after Babatunde Gbadamosi (BOG) impregnated a lady (a politician daughter) in London and was said to have exchange rings at the altar.

In revenge, Sade reportedly kicked him out of her Amen estate reasons that the estate was built and developed with her father’s money, connections and also some of her own personal funds.

As a result of the fall out, BOG has now issued a public declaration of not having anything to do with Amen Estate anymore.

Babatunde further warned intending real estate investors to desist from having anything to do with his wife.

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