Mzansi React After A Doctor Did This To A Lady During Private Consultation

After exposing her interaction with a doctor, a woman received a lot of backlash on social media.

She claims she was made to feel horrible by a doctor. Instead of asking whether she’s having Intimacy, tell her you’re curious. Many people dislike it when he simply uses his hands. If some elderly individuals slept with you, it would be a poor idea for them to do so.

Words like “sick” are inappropriate for someone with a doctor’s level of expertise. During the session, a woman was terrified, and now his employment is in jeopardy as a result of what he did. People are now advising her to file a complaint against him since what he did was unethical.

Numerous individuals believed it was inappropriate because we all know that many things happen during a session, including patients removing their clothes. This is why it was such a disaster. If he’s comfortable with this kind of rhetoric, it’s unclear what he can accomplish with it.


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