After accidentally losing a duffle bag with $300,000 in cash, American musician Nelly must have felt stupid, but mercifully for him, a woman spotted the bag and returned it.

However, to her surprise, the rapper made her learn from her mistakes by only rewarding her with $100 for her good deed.

In a video that first surfaced on The Neighborhood Talk, a lot of people can be heard laughing and joking about the unique circumstance and Nelly’s tiny reward. The crowd was shocked at how little the woman was rewarded for her good deed, even to the point of regret.

The man then urges the woman to show the camera the prize she received, but she laughs and refuses to react, so he takes the camera away from her and discloses that “they handed her $100” as a thank-you for “bringing him back $300,000.”

The video has already gained wide popularity, with many commenting that the award appears to be a disrespect given the high sum of money in the bag. Neti  called the rapper greedy and said he was ‘wrong’ for doing so in the comments section of the video. Many others thought the prize should have been at least $1000.

Nelly popped up in the comments section unexpectedly, but he was not there to ask for more money. The artist just thanked the woman for her time by saying, “SUUUUUUPPPPPEEERRRRR CAAPPP …!!”