Man leaves in disappointment after trying to surprise his girlfriend on her birthday only to find out she didn’t sleep at her place (Video)

A man has been rendered speechless after found his girlfriend’s house empty when he tried to surprise her with some gifts on her birthday.

He hired a trumpeter and bought a birthday cake only for him to reach his girlfriend’s house and discover that she did not sleep at home.

A video which has gone viral online shows the moment a group of people showed up at the girl’s house and ended up looking confused because they saw only one girl coming out of the house.

What was intended to be a pleasant surprise ended up being a double shocker as the girl did not inform her man that she would be leaving her place on the eve of her birthday.

The trumpeter, and everyone else had to quietly leave the place as they were not sure what was going on.

Watch video: [Note: You may need your VPN turned on to view Twitter video if you are resident in Nigeria]


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