Why Some Footballers Wear A Black Underwear Under Their Jersey

If you watch the Euro 2020 tournament, you’ll notice the moment Artem Dovbyk removed his shirt after scoring the winner in Ukraine’s 2-1 victory over Sweden in their round of 16 match.



After pulling off his shirt, you’ll notice a black underwear he wore which looks like a female bra.

However, Artem Dovbyk isn’t the only footballer to have been seen wearing this bra, as popular football stars like Messi, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic have also been spotted wearing the same kind of underwear.




But what exactly is the function of this underwear, and why do some players wear it?

The ‘sports bra’, as we call it, doesn’t serve the same purpose as the normal bras women use. While women use the traditional bra for body enhancement, footballers use the sports bra to track their fitness.



This bra contains an in-built tracking device which is used to track the health and fitness of football players who recently returned from injury or are considered unfit by doctors.

In some cases, it is also used to track the performance of players on the pitch including their speed and distance covered.


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