Why We Give Men Singlet & Boxer Shorts And Not Expensive Gifts– Lady Gives Honest Opinion (Video)

A young lady has given an honest opinion on why most girls especially those of Nigerian descent do not buy lovely and expensive gifts for their boyfriends and partners.

The lady intimated that it’s as though they have no idea how to spark their partner’s life with random and beautiful surprise packages just as they also go over the moon when men buy things for them but the problem is that another lady might be the beneficiary of their warm gesture.

She said that if they gift expensive items to their man, either his sister, side chics, or other girls he is entertaining would be the one to enjoy instead.

The lady further said that what men deserve is landed property, but since most women do not have the money to buy one for their man, the men should be content with the traditional boxers and singlet they gift them on all occasions.

Watch the video below;

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