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‘My Husband Has A Female Swimming Partner, Can I Also Have A Male Swimming Partner?’ – Lady Asks

A lady has stormed social media to solicit answers about a question that has been bothering her.

The lady shared her post in a popular Ghanaian social media group on the popular social media platform, Facebook.

According to this lady, her husband has this lady who is his friend adding that this female friend of her husband comes home every time to pick her husband for swimming lessons.

Now, it seems this is getting a toll on her as she is asking whether it is right for her to also look for a male swimming partner.

The post she made reads;

“My husband has a lady friend who comes home to pick him out for swimming, can I also have a male swimming partner ?”


Some reactions the post got are;

Nanaama Pokuah – You can join them whenever they are leaving if he refuses just tell him u will get ur own partner too

Ofori Sandrina – U a4 gud wife paa ur husband didn’t even respect us enough for views but u wanna ask us,dear take 2 after

Bruce Snells – Two wrongs don’t make a right. Just live ur life well as a married woman and allow others to be.
Do not allow the foolish actions of others to push u into doing something u ll regret later.

Michael Krobea AsanteBa Asante – There is no need my sister just tell him u are also interested in swimming so u want to join them.

Tsali Gefodi – Madam, your husband’s friend is equally your friend… Don’t listen to all these daughters of eve ooo… Before they (the sisters of Jezebel 😂) convince you to start reading different meanings which you may regret later, just get a nice bikini and follow them to the pool. Let’s all learn wai…


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