I Was Sent Back To Nigeria After 12 Days In America – Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo



The senior pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre in London, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo spoke at Pastor Nomthandazo Odukoya’s funeral service. He advised them to imbibe the actions of David when he lost his son. Despite the pain David was going through, he still worshipped God. “This is not the time to question God, it’s the time to worship. It’s the time to know that this God weaves and when the weaving is over that we know where He is going,” he said.



He revealed that in 1978 as a young pastor, he jumped on a flight to the United States to go study Theology and as a member of the Foursquare Church and their Bible school in Los Angeles, they arranged for VISA on arrival with the Immigration but he arrived at Chicago, not Los Angeles so he was advised to go back home after twelve days in America. He was angry because they had done a send-off for him in Nigeria. They had said bye-bye and he was sitting on the plane going back to Nigeria. He was grieving and angry and became a split personality. He was angry at God and was witnessing to the lady beside him. He was going through grief but he was also going through being a believer.



He then confirmed that what he didn’t see then was part of the weaving of God. If the journey had been successful and he had stayed there, he would have been out of sync with the Master’s program for his life. “I want you to know that there are some things we don’t fully understand but you will see the hand of God in the end,” he said.

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