How can humans and animals be struggling for right of way? – Kenneth Okonkwo asks as he shares video of cows blocking his path

Veteran Nollywood actor and lawyer, Kenneth Okonkwo has said that the idea of setting up ranches across Nigeria is inevitable.

The movie star stated this while questioning why humans and animals have to fight for right of way in Abuja, the nation’s capital.


Okonkwo shared a video on his Instagram page of him walking between a herd of cattle cattle herd, and insisted that Nigeria needs to adopt the modern system of ranching and animal husbandry to reduce the tension between people and animals.

He wrote;

“This is why ranching is both desirable and inevitable. How can humans and animals be struggling for a right of way in the Federal Capital City of Abuja.

We must move on to the 21st century system of animal husbandry to reduce tensions between passers-by, commuters, farmers and herdsmen. Have a great week ahead and God bless.”

See his post HERE

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