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Mercy Johnson Reveals The Two Type Of People That Make Marriages Last

Actress Mercy Johnson has shared with us the two types of people that make marriages to last and she and her husband fits in perfectly which means their marriage will last.

Mercy Johnson in one of her Tik Tok videos with her husband made us understood that marriages that last is a combination of two people and that is someone who is boring and another who is crazy.

Mercy Johnson then disclosed that in her marriage her husband is the boring one and she is the crazy on and that means their marriage is going to last if we go by what is said in the video.

Everyone knows Mercy Johnson is the crazy one in her marriage but it seems her husband doesn’t want to accept the fact that he’s boring forgetting that whenever it comes to his wife, he will always be boring because she’s another bread on her own.

Some people have been saying that in a relationship, when one is calm, the other must be crazy as two calm or crazy people can never make a relationship work and that is what Mercy Johnson and her husband demonstrated to us in this video.

That doesn’t also mean that relationships that don’t last is made of two calm or crazy people as sometimes some situations or nature doesn’t permit you to be together no matter how much you love each other and whether one is crazy and the other is boring or not.

Video below;


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