My husband thought I was a random girl he could marry for ritual purposes

It has come to light that Nayas who became known for her involvement with Gospel singer, Ernest Opoku has her marriage on the verge of collapse.

The actress in audio that surfaced a few days ago made some shocking allegations against her husband Nana Sarfo.

According to what was said in the audio, Nana Sarfo has beaten the hell out of the actress and on top of it, has sacked her from their matrimonial home in Germany.

Thanks In the latest development, the actress has stated that her husband is into the practice of juju for evil things and she suspects she married her for ritual purposes.

According to Nayas, Nana Sarfo has a bad name in Hamburg because of his appetite for juju.

She explained that the husband thought she was a random girl he could marry for ritual purposes but after the marriage, he got to know her family is strong to succumb to his juju that’s why he resorted to the maltreatment.

Nayas Mother also added to the allegation and rained curses on Nana Sarfo for abusing her daughter in Hamburg.



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