Engineer recounts his mother’s extreme sacrifice to get him educated

A Nigerian man has taken to micro-blogging platform, Twitter to recount the huge sacrifices his mum made, to make sure he’s educated.

According to the man, a UK based civil engineer identified as, Toyyib Adewale Adelodun while he was in primary school his mum studied with him till to pass and qualify for a primary school scholarship.

He revealed that at some point when she couldn’t afford his siblings school fees because they were struggling financially, she converted their sitting room to a after school lesson for students in their area.

Recounting her numerous sacrifices, in an appreciation post, he wrote,

“My mother sat me down as a 5 year old, said look Wale, there is no money on ground. This school you are going, we cant afford it, but they have a scholarship and you have to be 1st in class till Primary 6 to keep it. I will sit and study with you. And so we did. Nigerian Parents 🙌

She learnt a lot about Montessori education from studying with me to get that primary school scholarship. When they sent my other two siblings home for school fees. She decided to homeschool them throughout primary school. The last one didn’t go at all, she was homeschooled

When we were struggling financially she converted our parlor to after school teaching for students in our area. It became Iya Wale lesson. People brought their kids from far and wide. She decentralized Montessori education in Mushin teaching it to every one who cares to know

One of the happiest moments in my life is stepping out of the plane, see her waiting and I prostrate flat on the floor. Thank you Mama, Thank you Mama. Thank you. All what you did, your sacrifices. Our parents tried. They did all they could with their little resources. God bless them”.

See his post below,

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