Singer Davido has shared what he’s striving for in life with us and it’s very noble of him as he reacts to news of the late Kobe Bryant’s estate to receive $40M after body armor announces $5.6 billion sales to Coca-Cola.

Davido reacting to such news seemed delighted that Kobe Bryant despite not being with his family now is able to help them because of things he left behind saying either dead or alive he’s still supporting the family.

Davido then made it known to us all that this is something that he’s striving for so hard as he wants to be very supportive to his family both financially and emotionally if he’s no more someday just like that of Kobe Bryant.

Most people who have this aim of being supportive to their family either dead or alive works really hard towards it and we guess Davido is also working towards that since we now know that is the reason why he’s striving so hard to make it in the entertainment scene.

We hope most of his decisions get influenced by this so that his aim of being able to support his family either dead or alive will come to pass just as Kobe Bryant’s own and that also applies to the things he buys.

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