Nigerian man narrates how his friend bought Benz after allegedly used his dog for money rituals

man dog benz

A young man has taken to social networking service, Twitter to reveal that a friend allegedly used his dog to do money rituals.

The tweep with handle H@77_Kiah, said it happened during the coronavirus lockdown period last year

According to him, that time was so rough that his buddie had to opt for using his dog to make money.

”Lockdown period so rough one of my niggas used his dog for rituals”, he wrote.

Another tweep @dilorenzoch asked; ”The guy make am??”

In response, the young man revealed that it paid off so much that his friend was able to uy a Mercedes Benz.

”Yh. No be coincidence say him dog die him buy Benz”, he replied.

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man dog benz post


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