Big Brother Naija housemate Angel has expressed her disappointment in her close friend Jackie B after she started giving her attitude in the house.

The situation in the Big Brother Naija house is getting interesting every passing day. Housemates are getting attached to each other, while others are falling in love gradually.

Angel was captured on camera a few hours talking with Michael discussing how Jackie B has been giving her attitude. Angel stated that Jackie B sees her as a threat or a competition. She added that Jackie B told her her reasons why she could not be with him, Michael so she does not understand why she’s giving her attitude.

“I just wanted you to know that my flirting with you is not that deep. If I wanted you I would have made my moves. But I know she likes you and she sees me as a threat or competition. If it was to be another girl this wouldn’t be an issue. The truth is, I don’t owe her any loyalty even though she calls me her bestie.” -Angel says.