Kaffy, a dancer, has once again added to her thoughts on the never-ending discussion of marriage submission.

The mother of two highlighted in an Instagram post this morning that marriage should be viewed as a task, not a pleasure, and that women should be especially cautious about who they eventually submit to in marriage.

Read her thoughts below…

It’s a pity that marriage has been reduced to the search for someone fulfilling the validation of achievement by the standard of man, with a warped understanding of the role of woman. Even women also are gravely conditioned to succumb to a life that needs a man to validate her existence which is contradictory to her purpose. If a woman is a Favour vessel God grants a man who seeks her which she so to submit to, I then think we need to reevaluate what a man should be seeking in a woman and what it is a woman should be submitting to. because a man can’t just love anyhow and a woman can’t just bow anyhow. some men busy seeking Flavour instead of Favour.

Marriage is an assignment not a reward! Women chose wisely who to submit to. Men choose wisely who to love! No Need to fight it’s obvious both sides want the same things it now up-to-you to reevaluate or take a stance on what’s important to you to submit or to love.

Just because submission came before love in a statement doesn’t mean it occurs before evaluation of whom it is that you are submitting to.