Sonnie Badu has explained that his kids often bury their faces in their palms in family photos which he shares on social media as a precautionary measure.

The UK-based Gospel singer and preacher explained to Kwaku Manu on his Aggressive Show that he’s protecting the kids from spiritual attacks on social media and beyond. In his words, there are a lot of witches hovering on the internet who could launch attacks spontaneously.

Sonnie further said a lot of people use photos they obtain from the internet as a point of contact to destroy whoever they dislike in the spiritual realm which is why he doesn’t want to take chances with his children.

Watch the video below;

Away from that, Ayisha Modi has inadvertently exposed Stonebwoy on how he lied his way through immigration in order to sneak his childhood friend identified as Shatta Fiadzomo aka Shatta Bhim out of the country during one of his gigs outside.

Apparently, Ayisha wanted to point out how ungrateful this young man has been to Stonebwoy upon all the sacrifices the Dancehall/Reggae artiste did for him.

She narrated how Stonebwoy paid all expenses and travelled abroad with his boyhood friend, Shatta Bhim, as one of his crew members, aided him to beat immigration and abscond to start life over there but he foolishly came back to Ghana with a stupid excuse that he sleeps in a couch.

Ayisha Modi also claimed that Stonebwoy set up a shop for Shatta Bhim to sell Bhim products but never bothered opening the shop to sell the products and rather went around to badmouth Stonebwoy.