Man who returned ring worth N1.6m to owner gets N78m reward from kind people

A 55-year-old man, Billy Ray Harri, who used to ask for money by the roadside one day happened to come across a diamond ring worth $4,000 (N1,645,680) but decided to return it to the rightful owner and was massively rewarded in the end.

According to a publication by Today., Billy, who was previously homeless, received some coins from a passer-by who happened to have an engagement ring on.

The ring according to the publication, accidentally dropped in the cup Billy was holding.

Realising what the lady had left in his cup, Billy’s first intention was to sell it and keep the money for himself.

On second thought, the elderly man decided to find the whereabouts of the ring owner and return it.

He got the ring appraised for a whooping 4,000 (N1,645,680).

Upon finding her location and handing over the ring, the lady along with her partner was impressed with Billy’s act of kindness and decided to reward him in return.

The couple started a fund to help raise money for the man.

“We set the goal for $1000”, they told Today but they ended up raising over Ghc1.4 million for Billy.

The couple expressed their appreciation to Billy and handed the money over to him.


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