Man narrates how a beautiful girl robbed him with a gun after giving her a lift in Port Harcourt

A Nigerian man has shared the shocking experience he had with a beautiful girl who robbed him in Port Harcourt.

The man identified as Brian Dennis recounted how he offered her a lift and she used a gun to rob him of his belongings.

According to him, she collected his phone and wallet, and he was so scared that he even offered his drivers license.

Brian who shared his story on Twitter, said he was too ashamed to tell people that he was robbed by a pretty lady after giving her a lift.

In his words; ”The way some people are acting as if just because a babe is beautiful means she cannot be a criminal is funny.

”A fine girl in Port Harcourt has robbed me before after I gave her a lift at night.

I see fresh skin & breast carry babe and she collect my phone and wallet with gun

Was going to Rumuola from Alakahia by 10pm ish.

Saw this fresh babe, she didn’t even stop me. Na me use my hand stop because of the breast I saw. Said she was going to Rumuokwuta.

When we got to Obiri Ikwerre, she pointed me pistol, asked me to park, submit phone and wallet.

Me that was speaking English with her and asking her about dreams and aspirations started speaking Kalabari to her. “Pasisi, pasisi” as I was submitting everything.

Nearly even submitted drivers license that she didn’t ask for so she returned it.

Couldn’t tell anybody that I was robbed sef because how will I open my wide mouth to tell men in the hood that a woman I gave a lift robbed me?

Me wey get Street cred that year.

“Brian wetin do that your blackberry?”

I sell am. I wan dey use torchlight phone for now”

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