A sudden change of expression on her face revealed in volumes that she has some feelings for fellow housemate, Niyi after he opened up on his marriage life,

Niyi was giving an introduction of himself to the house just like everybody did and it is something housemates do in order for them to know each other, understand their perspectives, know about their experiences and backgrounds and whilst talking about himself, Niyi told the house he is married.

Instantly after he said that, Maria who was full of smile switched to a sad facial expression and it was obvious she was disappointed and not to happy by his revelation as perhaps her hopes at hooking up with him has been thwarted.

The video has generated several hilarious reactions from social media user of the reality TV show fans, including Nollywood actress Yetunde Bakare.

Yetunde Bakare wrote: ‘Babe sabi better thing. her spec is my spec. tall and dark‘.

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@dreamynaturelle wrote;

Niyi wife is a white girl and Maria white so anything can happen 😂😂 good morning my fellow polymath