Oyibo man celebrates becoming a farmer in Nigeria, showcases his large farms

A white man recently took the internet by surprise when he celebrated his life as a farmer in Nigeria, a profession many citizens are shying away from.

Wiebe Boer in a post on his LinkedIn page, shared pictures of his large farmlands located in Kwall, Bassa Local Government Area of Plateau State.

The man who was born and raised in Jos by his Dutch missionary parents expressed delight at starting up something that is a family tradition.

Boer also celebrated young people who have taken up farming and highlighted some produces which can be exported after being grown in Nigeria.

Some of the produce he listed include; coffee, asparagus, strawberries, red cabbage, bell peppers, Roma tomatoes, spices, flowers, grapes and wine.

He shared photos with the caption;

”I can now proudly say that I’m a farmer, finally living up to my ancestral Boer/ Maigona/ farmer tradition. Here I am on what is the start of a fonio/ acha farm in Kwall, Bassa LGA, Plateau State.

But that’s not the real story. During my visit to #Jos last week it was amazing to see all the great growth and development in agriculture, much of it driven by young entrepreneurs who are finding niche markets in Nigeria and around the world for agriculture products that we can only grow on the Plateau because of the elevation…”

He received commendations from Nigerians on social media.

See more pictures:

Jerry Tobi said: Great Work Sarkin Gona Wiebe Boer, Ph.D.

We got alot of Young Agri businesses doing well all over the country. We need to tell more stories of exploits made in the Agribusiness space.

One thing we need to look at is exploring the Value Chains in the agric market. Do just produce, process and dont just create add Value.

Simi Serena Abok; Jos has loads of potential, I think we are sitting on gold and don’t even realise it. Congratulations.

Godwin Okafor; I was just thinking of this today, then u posted. But Nigeria’s educational systems needs to detach from too much certifications and go practical in farming and agriculture… people chase certificate too much in Nigeria.

All states government should woo young diaspora Nigerians investors with great incentives in agricultural farming.

Yilan yusuf; Louder please Oga Louder!!!! Nigeria! Nigeria! Nigeria! How many times i hala unna? I say this pulling our imaginary boney ears that doesn’t want to hear word. Wetin u dey fine for… E dey ur…I remember seeing locally produced wine in Jos some years ago at someone’s house, from a private winery he said wasn’t too far, in this country OOo not Paris.


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