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Kanye West Reportedly Busts Into Tears After Comparing His Marriage With Kim As A ‘Jail’ In A Song

Reports indicate Hip Hop icon Kanye West busted into tears during a private listening party of his forthcoming album after he compared his marriage with Kim Kardashian as ‘jail’ in one of the songs.

Recall Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were reported to have been having issues in their marriage for years until they both decided to pull the plug a couple of months ago when Kanye West first filed for divorce.

Kanye before the decision to file for divorce had earlier moved out of his matrimonial home at Calabasas leaving Kim and the children behind. Reports indicate he didn’t even go home to spend time with his kids during the Christmas festive season.

According to reports coming in from the listening party of the rapper’s tenth album titled ‘Donda’ which he named after his late mother and was held at the US City’s Church in Las Vegas, Kanye compared his marriage and divorce to Kim Kardashian as a ‘jail’ he later escaped.

In one of the songs, the verse starts with the line “Tell the assassins I escaped from Calabasas“, a source at the listen stated; “It’s a very deep sad song from Kanye, with him reflecting on his marriage with Kim. He talks about the kids and mentions her taking everything. After he played this song, he paused like two minutes and cried, it was really sombre“.


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