“Marry who you love, not who they like” – Omokri weighs in on family & friends’ recommendation

Renowned author, Reno Omokri advises on the importance of marrying whom the heart chooses rather than subjecting oneself to recommendations.

According to the politician, the choice to marry whoever should not be dependent on an outsider’s opinion, not even that of family and friends.

“Why must you explain why you want to marry someone to anybody, whether family or friend? Marriage is not a family business or a joint partnership with your friends. You owe no one an explanation. If they attend the wedding, give them rice. If they don’t, let them ride!

Only a fool marries someone because their family and or friends like the person. You are the one who will wear the shoe, so, get your size, not their size. They are miserable in their marriages, that is why they want you to join them. Scripture says “if a man finds a wife”-Proverbs 18:22. It does not say ‘if a family finds a wife’,” Reno Omokri wrote in a post on Instagram.

"Only a fool marries someone because their family & friends like the person" - Omokri


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