Popular kayamata seller, Miwa and baby daddy, Kolaq Alagbo’s wife fight dirty

Miwa and Kolaq Alagbo

Popular Kayamata seller, Miwa and her baby daddy, Kolaq Alagbo’s wife have taken to their social media space to drag and fight each other mercilessly.

Miwa recently welcomed her first child with CEO, Kolaq Alagbo, Olayemi Omotolani Abeeb Lateef.

The fight started after a friend of Kolaq’s first wife shaded Miwa for flaunting her expensive lifestyle and portraying to be unbothered since she gave birth.

The lady wrote;

“All this necessary show off we all know it’s to cover up for the regrets and sadness. It’s called instant gratification. I pray God heal you internally postpartum depression is real y’all.”

Reacting to this, Miwa angrily took to her snapchat to drag and call Tope all sorts of names, adding that she is fine and living happy.

Tope replied saying “Ogun lo ma pa e Miwa, tag me next time b*tch. The last time I check, I didn’t put your name, but since you wanna go there miss I’m strong online, but busy calling person man dey cry say they are insulting you on social media. Oloriburuku, seek help dear.”

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The sucessful business woman however replied with a lenghty post where she revealed that she never knew Kolaq Alagbo had a wife and she only knew when she became pregnant. She also warned Tope and Kolaq never to speak ill of her child again, else there will be greater problems.

Read all she wrote below;

“Pick your friends wisely. This shouldn’t be underated. You have done absolutely everything in your powers to bring me down. I don’t flinch, but my child. My child. This bastard has been trolling me since I got pregnant. That girl and her friends took me to blogs, lied to blogs, used fake pages to even comment more lied to bring me down. Smiles. You can say anything you wanna say about me, that’s what boost.

“Your tiny ego, but don’t dare. Don’t dare come for my child, then I will go mad. I didn’t rape his dad. We conceived him on a foundation of love. If you’re hurt, I’m hurt too. The lies you don carry go blogs don confuse people so they don’t even know the truth.

“For months, I’ve kept quiet. I’ll rather beat myself than pick a fight. Same way that girl posted “You can wear all the designer, but all na six feet” to my own child. Oloriburuku tin wo oro yi ohh. I can see you’re bent on frustrating when me.

“If I start, you go run. I was pitying your situation because I felt, it can’t happen to anyone and won’t feel hurt, but the truth is I never knew you existed, but you crossed the line. But if I start, you go run. Don’t come for my child.

“Goan digest it. We are both wives. Calm your balls down and accept destiny. We are all hurt. In fact, na me this matter pain pass.”


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