Men are dating women’s bodies and women are dating men’s pockets – The Game speaks on modern relationships

American rapper, Jayceon Terrell Taylor, commonly known as The Game has poked holes in modern day relationships.

The artiste took to twitter to share his view on the high rate of relationship breakups which he linked to material love surpassing true love.

According to the Campton rapper, most men are interested in a lady’s body, which forms the criteria for the the type of women they date.

On the other hand, The Game said women are more concerned about the size of a man’s pocket while going into any relationship.

He noted that these are the reasons why modern relationships can’t last.

He wrote; ”N!ggas dating women’s bodies & women dating n!ggas pockets… Then y’all wonder why the relationships short lived. Intentions aren’t pure so love can’t be developed properly.”


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