“Any man i sleep with can never get married” — Lady reveals

In a television interview which was monitored by the popular Kingbygone on BOGA TV, the popular 27yr Ghanaian actress, Shishiwisca revealed that She started the action in Her teen at the age of 15.

She revealed that She was addicted to it and She thought sleeping with men was something normal. She also added that after growing up and realising herself,

she realised that it was not normal and according to her, some spirits possesed her body and with their help she could reveal what would happen in the next minute or perhaps the next day.

The actress also revealed that the spirits that possesses her body controls her and gives her power to convince or seduce men to sleep with her.

She has revealed that she might not be a Human being and the men whom she slept with did sleep with a venomous Snake “Anaconda.

She also added that the men She sleeps with will not be able to get married.

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