Moment Laycon and Nengi saw each other at the BBN introductory night

The friendship between Nengi and Lacyon is really a priceless one. They showed they missed each other so well after they met again at the BBN reunion introductory night.

I capture the moment Nengi and Laycon exchange pleasantries. The facial expressions while exchanging pleasantries got so many BBN fans talking.

Take a look at the moment below.




The moment got many of their fans talking online. The first of people were of the opinion this moment is golden. Very sweet to watch.

The second set of people were of the opinion they really like each other, but they can only be friends. The third set of people were of the opinion they don’t have enemies. Beautiful, no stress friendship.

Some fans were of the opinion they are only friends on the screen. We didn’t see much of them together outside the house.

See more reactions via the screenshots provided below.




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