”We finally found reasons to smile” – Young Nigerian men behind ‘angry kid’ memes discover they were nursery school classmates

Two young men who gained social media popularity courtesy of their childhood photos which flooded the timeline, have become close friends as adults.

The photos which went viral months back, showed younger versions of the men who were frowning hence earning the tag ”Angry Kid” which eventually transformed into memes.

One of the lads could be seen receiving an item during what is believed to be a prize giving day.

The young man in a blue shirt, by the left, is the one receiving the gift below.

The other was also at an event with a setting that looked like a garden.

Both who were nursery school classmates have now linked up and put on a smile courtesy of heir newly rekindled friendship.

The guy in a white shirt took to his Twitter handle @Cheeboozorhh, and shared the throwback photos and their current ones.

He captioned it; ”Guess we finally found reasons to smile

Plot twist: We were nursery school classmates.”

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