Twitter users react as man buys and installs personal ATM in his home

A man with Twitter handle @flexeatss, has sparked conversations on social media with his recent money move.

He announced on the microblogging platform, that he had purchased a personal Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

Striking poses with the new machine, the self taught chef excitedly said he looks forward to a year of passive earnings for himself.

He tweeted: “I purchased & installed my first ATM machine today .. passive Income all 2021.”

See his post:

@tanyajackdaw; hold up, its legal omg. I thought he’s gonna steal money from peoples cards this way. I’ve never seen an atm that doesnt belong to a bank

@ewilson502; ATMs IMO will be obsolete in a year or two due to digital assets and currencies. Cash will be old news.

Ebukasancho: Abeg where una dey see this money. How pesin go buy ATM put for haus
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@wave_god243; So you the nigga takin that extra 3 dollars every time I want sum cash

@emilyintema; Imagine owning one at a strip club with $15+ transaction fees Loudly crying face

@DeZhuoreVu; At the risk of sounding dumb (but I’m being genuine I swear) after buying the machine, you put your own money in there to get going? Take out a loan? What

@SimplyKam10; He will use a private company to handle transactions. They will take a certain percentage but whatever he decides to charge on his transaction fee will be his. For example strip clubs charge 10 plus on fees and usually only 2 dollars goes to the provider the rest they profit

@WaleOk: Ma guy you dey motivate me


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