A guy who asked me out last month blocked me because I was doing small ”shakara” – Lady laments

A Nigerian lady has narrated how she got the shock of her life from a guy who declared interest in dating her.

According to the woman identified as Ayanfe, the guy asked her out last month, but she did not want to appear too easy or cheap, so she has been stalling.
Ayanfe said that he is someone she actually likes, but she wanted to play hard to get for like a month before accepting to go out with him.
Unfortunately for her, the lad was not ready for such games, so he stopped sending her messages and likely blocked her number.
She made the revelation while reacting to a Twitter user Adebusayo’s observation that men re no longer persuasive when wooing women.
”Who noticed that men are no longer persuasive? Once they ask you out and you say NO……… Case close”, she wrote.
Sharing her story, Ayanfe wrote; ”Aswear you are right. This nigga asked me out last month and on a low-key I have crush on him. I just want to do small Shakara hoping that I will accept him after a month.
He no message me again. E be like say E don block me self”


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