Husband left heartbroken after catching wife with another man one month after marriage

A newly-married man has been left heartbroken after catching his wife cheating on him with another man at a hotel.

Twitter user @Ogalasun who shared the story on the microblogging platform, narrated how the man was driving to his friends place when he spotted his wife’s SUV in a car park.

He then stormed the hotel where her car was parked and found her with the man. According to the tweep, the marriage is just one month old.

He wrote; ”I heard a story today and I low-key wept for the guy. Husband caught wife red-handed in an hotel with a strange man.

The husband was driving to his friends place when he spotted the wife’s SUV. The marriage is just 1month old. Why be say na nice guys dey end up heartbroken?”

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Some social media users gave suggestions on what should be done while others asked questions..

@OdauduEne; The guy should better get up and fight for his marriage.

@jojoamaka; Marriage is over case close. Collect the SUV from that spot, get home abs throw things out without any delay.

@ZaynabMoohammad; In a hotel doing what? Is it hotel room? Or hotel pool side, garden, hall, whic one? What if it’s just to meet up and greet? People go jux de misyarn anyhow. “In a hotel with a strange man” doing what ffs???

@equipshare_ng; Redhanded is relative bros.. Caught her redhanded in bed with her co adulterer or in the hotel premises? She could probably be in the hotel for a business meeting or something.. This is not Olympic sport, let’s not jump into conclusion.

@Lucasscot_101; This generation have no respect for marriage..

People have made infidelity fashionable..

Stuff like this is even becoming a norm in Port Harcourt.

Proverbs 11:22 As a jewel of gold in a swine’s snout, so is a fair woman which is without discretion.

@ChidiJohnson12; Women don’t like nice guys , If you are nice eh , ladies will rubbish you and toy the hell out of you,, I am preaching this from experience… The bad guys have the best girls in the world, women love violence, They want you to beat them when they do shit, or shout..

@VOgunsuyi; The truth of the matter be say, most ladies go for men that are ready made. They don’t love them, but feels assured they won’t encounter suffering anymore. If they still meet the poor bf they left, she would still be willingly to offer him sex. Rich guys suffers a lot of this.

@spiecy_diecy; Nice guys ends up heartbroken be they never watch out for the signs or red flags. Denial is the order of the day. How can u say “she will change. I will change her” are u Jesus? Some of them no too get sense nahim make.

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